What Pepper Plant Disease is this?

dinorosaOctober 12, 2008

Hi everyone,

I cannot figure out which disease my plant might be suffering from. Please take a look at the photos and let me know your ideas. Could it be tobacco mosaic, or black spot....

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Too much nitrogen

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Or, for the leaves and new growth, perhaps drift of weed killer? Any applied anywhere on the property or next door?

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habbob(San Diego)

Curling leaves might not be a disease at all but more likely an excess (or deficiency) of something. Judging from your plants in an excess of something (maybe nitrogen?). I've also seen it from plants being rootbound.

The black spots on the pod are pretty normal. Especially if you've had intense sun.

Tobacco mosaic supposedly hasn't been an issue for 50 years. So I highly doubt it's that.

I recommend flushing the soil a bit and waiting.


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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

Did the black spot on the blossom end turn to mush? the pic doesn't make it clear if its just some sun scald or if it is actually blossom end rot.

the curled leaves on the new growth has always been a pH issue with me.

i theorize you have a calcium lockout due to a pH problem in your growing medium.

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OH thank you thank you! They can be saved! Ok, I have transferred them to my garden with some fresh compost and let's see. Thanks for all of your help!

(By the way, yeah my neighbors have this eerily pristine lawn so I suspect they spray something. The black spots have just appeared yesterday so I took the photo and posted. They have not turned to mush yet.)

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Too much nitrogen depresses the uptake of calcium ergo Blossom end rot

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The darkening or purpleing of the fruit and leaves will also accellerate in cooler weather. PH issues may be helping me thinks. Most of my plants in Kansas are showing this now, and it is entirely due to the temperatures and the daypart growing shorter. It is a natural thing to see in the latter part of the year with some varieties right before freezing. TiMo

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