Could this be Seafoam?

oldblush(8a, MS)November 28, 2005

Rooted this one from a cutting that I rustled back in the summer. It appears to be somewhat of a climber or lanky shrub. The foliage is reddish and the leaves are glossy. The blooms are about 3 inches across and have a slight fragrance. The blooms on the parent didn't have the pink blush but it was in pretty hot weather.

Note: the leaves in the background don't belong to this rose.

I'm thinking it might be Seafoam by a process of elimination.

Thanks, Hamp

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llpnut(8 NTX)

is it procumbent? Seafoam grows much more out than up
and it's thorny

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

It doesn't really look right. Seafoam is a by the book wichurana cross. Relatively small, roundish very shiny leaves that don't know what blackspot is, but know an awful lot about anthrancose. Flowers are pretty much pure white here, except in very late fall. Buds are roundish, new growth is fairly green. It blooms in fairly large trusses.

Does this rose have fringed stipules? If I was guessing, I'd guess hybrid musk.

BTW, the Seafoam descriptions are from memory. Don't shoot me if I've got something wrong.

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oldblush(8a, MS)

Peanut, this cutting was stuck only in July but it has two canes that're about 2 feet long. It's in a 1 gallon pot and nowhere to go except out. It does have have thorns but not too terribly many. I was thinking it was Jean d'Arc, the noisette, when I took the cuttings, but I've never heard of Jean having the blush pink and the blooms are seemingly too large.

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tjsangel(z5 OH)


It could very well be Jean. Doesnt seem like Sea Foam to me either. In cooler weather many roses get darker in color and may appear different. Also blooms in cool temps are usually larger. Hmmm...


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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

There are two Jeanne d'Arc roses listed as noisettes on HelpMeFind, with different introduction dates.

(I have always seen Seafoam with much smaller blooms in elongated clusters, so I am pretty sure that's not what you have.)

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I don't think it is seafoam, which has many small (1"-2" diameter) blooms in clusters. Mine actually does get some pink in the cooler weather, but the leaves are green and shiney.

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oldblush(8a, MS)

Roserobin, actually the parent plant, the one that I took cuttings from, had clusters of small white flowers, that's the reason I thought it was Jeanne d'Arc. The leaves on this rose are green and shiney, the foliage in the background is Archduke Charles.

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Well maybe it is seafoam if the blooms are small and in clusters. Seafoam roots very easily (for me anyway, and the photos on help me find are accurate of the variations in colour of the blossoms. Mine is still blooming in Dec, even after some snow!

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Sophie Wheeler

Seafoam has glossy, holly like foliage that is small. It's incredibly thorny. Typical wichurana cross, as Mad Gallica notes. No scent to speak of to my nose. No pinking out in cooler weather here either. I don't think it's seafoam. The foliage description of red new growth isn't right for that.

If it blooms in clusters and has a good scent, I'd guess Prosperity, as the foliage description sounds more spot on, except for Prosperity having a pretty good scent. It's stronger scented in warm weather though, and the cool weather might be affecting that. The number of petals it has pretty much rules out most other white hybrid musks, as does bloom size. The other guess I'm thinking of is White Dawn, which does pink out, and has similar foliage to Seafoam, but larger.

A better pic of the foliage might narrow down the class it belongs to. Tea foliage usually is reddish for new growth for a long while, so that is a pretty good clue it has a lot of tea or china in it rather than too much multiflora or wichurana.

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