Question..planting harvested seeds HELP :)

mmmgonzo(z7 OR)January 19, 2007

Hi all,

I need some guidance from those who have planted rose seedlings. I took a bunch of seeds from hips and they have been in the fridge for 2 months.

I bought one of those jiffy peat pellet things to plant the 8 or so that have sprouted a root while in the fridge. But now I need help.

For some varieties I literally have over 60 seeds, maybe 100. How do you all plant these? In a big flat with no divisions (is it hard to replant the sproutlings later?)

I am overwhelmed with the cost and SPACE this might take up.

There has to be an easier way than what I am doing.

Any info/insight/suggestions appreciated.

I did read somewhere some put the seeds in baggies filled with moist sand and check for roots that way? Then plant?

Does it work?



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I know this is late, but better late then never.

I plant mine in individual cups, the 7oz or so plastic cups you can get at the grocery store near the paper plates. They work great for me, but I am running out of room quickly, and with the surgery this year, I may not be able to make any additional areas of lighting, so that can be a problem.

I do store them in the fridge in a baggie of damp coir until I see sprouts and then plant them in the cups, that does save some space in the beginning.

I hope this helps at least some.


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mmmgonzo(z7 OR)

Thank you Gerry for your information and help.

So far I have only had one plant that I harvested hips from sprout in the fridge. I was hoping the others would follow suit. I have planted a few just to see if they will germinate in the peat pots .

One more question to anyone who is reading and can help.

Right now I have some roses in the peat pots with 2 sets of rose leaves, some have 3... they are still so tiny. Do they go into pots now or do I leave them in the peat pots to get bigger? Since they have made it so far, I dont want to do anything stupid and would like to see some blooms.


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