Checking in on Jclepine.

treebarb Z5 DenverJuly 29, 2010


I watched the news on the storm in your area yesterday. I hope you are well and the hail missed your garden. What a mess!


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What a crazy storm! I hope it missed you Jennifer!

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Well, it missed me kinda sorta. The main roads were all covered with dirt but our little dirt roads were just fine. I was at work and had to bring in their plants which were being destroyed quickly. Luckily, Darren brought in the tomatoes and covered the veggies. Must have been coming down at an angle because my flower beds, up against the front of the house, did not get torn up. Stressed, yes, torn, no.

It was a ton of hail and just kept coming down for, like, ever! I must say, the water was welcome and so were the cooler temps. Oh, and the other positive was the strong, fresh smell of pine sap in the air.

Thanks for asking guys!!! Just glad I wasn't on the road.

I hope no one's garden was torn up too badly. I know quite a few of my neighbors do not have hail protection or things that are ready to cover when the weather turns. And, so many of them have started veggie plots this year.



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treebarb Z5 Denver

I'm glad to hear it. Colorado gardeners have to be tough, don't we?

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