Needs a Name: Medium Pink Rose with Bright Yellow Center

newsviewDecember 7, 2006


Today, following on the heels of two prior posts to this thread, I have a new rose for your helpful consideration.

My first post in this Rose ID thread is titled "My Favorite Rose Ever  but I don't know the name!". (I'm still taking input on that canary/magenta rose, if you can spare a moment.)

The second post, yesterday, contained four images in a single file: A mystery pink rose, red bloom, pink & white mini and, finally, a pink/peach blend (HT/Grandiflora?). I'm still very much interested in your take on those images, too. (The mystery pink and red blooms in that thread date back to a previous homeowner, which would date them to the 1980s or earlier; however, the last two images are recent untagged purchases.)

In this most recent thread, I unfortunately have even less to go on than in the prior threads. The bloom pictured was presented to me as a cut rose for a vase; as a result, I don't know the orgin. The picture was taken in January 2002. I'm now planting roses and would like to obtain one for my new garden if it is still commercially available. It struck my newbie eye as perhaps distinctive enough that it might ring a bell or two (or at least look pretty to view, LOL).

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have. I appreciate the help!

Image link:

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Diana, I think I stumbled on the closet rose that I've come to looking like this one. It's called Sweet Vigorosa (Neon). If you look it up on HMF you'll only find it as Neon. One description is as an orange and the other is as a medium pink with a yellow center. I found this rose at Ashdown looking at Floribundas, this shrub grows between 3-5' tall BTW. You might see if this is in the new Rose book you got. Leslie

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