Zepherin Drouhin Propogation

greenhousems(6/7)January 18, 2009

I received 3 cuttings of the Zepherin Drouhin rose in exchange for some seeds. The cuttings arrived but they were not rooted... they were freshly cut. Since this is my first experience with working with Rose Cuttings... what is my next step? They arrived about 3 days ago and I put them in to a glass of water and have changed the water each day. The cuttings look healthy although the foliage is starting to brown and dry out. Will these cuttings make it?

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Hi, I hate to tell you this but if you get one of those cuttings to live to adult size I will be extremely surprised. I have never been able to get a rose cutting to live but there are a lot of people that do it everyday. I think there is a learning curve associated with it and the way to climb the curve is to use a lot of your own cuttings. Sending a 2 year old rooted rose through the mail is hard on it and I believe it is harder on a cutting. I even see rose cutting available on ebay and I really wonder if any of them ever live to become rose bushes. The way to get started with rose cuttings is to do a lot of research using whatever information sources you have available. One huge source is to do a search right here using the search feature at the top of this page. If you think it is something you want to do then keep after it till you're good at it. Personally I find it easier and more satisfying to just buy or trade for rooted roses. In fact I will start a new thread and ask people what their rate of success is with rooting cuttings and what it was when they first started out. So in answer to your question do the research and decide how you want to try to get roots to grow and go ahead and give it a try, you might find that you are good at it and enjoy doing it.

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I can't comment on those particular cuttings because I am a first year novice at this but it sure is possible to root cuttings. I just started in late summer/early fall and have 4 out of 7 cuttings doing nicely. You can research what has worked for others or someone may give you some pointers. I didn't do anything elaborate. I used fresh cuttings off my own plants, put them in soil with no growth hormone or special measures, stuck them in a window and waited. Probably not the best method but it's what I did. Hopefully they will still be healthy by summer and can go outside. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope you find some good info, sorry I couldn't help there, and good luck and hope you have new babies soon!!

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I have rooted lots of roses from cuttings with good results. In the summer I just stick them in the garden somewhere. I have rooted shrub roses, English roses, heirlooms, climbers, ramblers...you name it!

This time of the year, it would probably be best to root them in a container inside a greenhouse or your house where it is warm and gets light. Bury the whole cutting(s) horizontally in good soil and keep moist, but not wet. Cover the container with a plastic bag or something that will allow in light, but hold in the moisture (a plastic bag held on with a rubber band works fine). Come spring, bury them out in the garden in a semi-shady location with morning sunshine. Keep them moist.
The best time to root roses is in the spring or summer after the soil has warmed up. I have never tried to root them this time of the year, but what have you got to lose?


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Thanks you all for your suggestions and encouragement. I am up for the challenge! My cuttings are now in pots covered in a plastic bag and in my greenhouse. I will keep you all updated.

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