Light Pink Rose ID

nanito(5)December 4, 2009

Hi once again! In this occasion I would like to identify another light pink old rose which grows in a neighboring garden (possibly a Tea Rose) and, as usual, as I do not have a close access to the plant I do not have more information than a coule of pictures and a brief description made by myself. So information like scent, number of petals, reblooming, size of the flowers, growth habit, etc. are missing by now.

The rose is a quite dense bush, 1.50-1.70 metres tall, 1.50 metres wide, with a characteristic folliage that you will surely appreciate in the pictures (light green wrickled leaves).

I understand that it is extremely difficult to reach an accurate ID with this information, but the aim of the messages I published concerning neghboring roses, to the ones I have little access, if find- in the best of the cases- someone who grows the same rose and can easily identify it at a first glance. I always say that a good rose grower can easily identify his roses, with just a couple of pics! (or at least I hope, haha).

THANKS in advance and sorry for the lack of information!

Mariano Tea Rose ID

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It reminds me of Abraham Darby...

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THANKS for your answer Sweetmichelia. Anyway, it was finally identified as ´Duchesse de Brabant´.

Regards, Mariano.

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