Not growing much

colokid(5)July 17, 2010

Seems to me that my tomatoes are not growing like they should. Lots of leaf curl, but that is normal for here. 54 degrees last night again and 94 daytime temp. Not much I can do about it. I manage to keep the GH down to 85 or so with a swamp cooler.

My GH zukinee (never could spell that) had male flowers for 3 weeks but never female. Now no more flowers at all. That will teach me to plant at least one in the garden next year. Getting lots of tomatoes from a siberia tomato if you can stand to eat them. My stupice got to close to some roundup and I pulled it. That from a goat-head problem. Lots of nice big green ones on the OP tomatoes but they just seem to stand still.

Enjoy your summer, KennyP

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Leaf curl is often a sign that tomato plants are under some sort of stress.

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