get rose cuttings to root my first time need help

greenthumdfamilyJanuary 28, 2006

Hello, i live in central florida where the temps are now 55-78 degress i want to take some cuttings but i don't know which part of the rose plant that i need to take the cuttings from and also the roses never go dormant here at least i don't think so well there is a friend of mine and she has this great big rose bush it's like 7 feet tall and in the summer there was no roses on it untill winter came and now there tons of roses on it well this is the rose bush that i plan on taking cuttings from and trying to root them so i need to know if now is a good time to take the cuttings? and which part of the bush that i should take the cuttings from and how should i get them to root for me thanks for all your help please email me direct at

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debbysunshine(san diego)

We came from Ft. Laud and now I'm in San Diego which like you has warm weather all year around. After the rose blooms is the best time to take a healthy piecr and I like the area where two or three branches each over the size of a pencil come together.. I'm not a genius but hae had pretty good luck but I keep the cuttings in a glass of water in a sunny window for a bit maybe a couple of weeks whatever till I have the time to plant and new leaves and branches are growing.. I use a mix of perlite, cactus soil and supersoil which all together doesn't have many additives because any chemicals for a bit and poof they die.. Patience is the answer and a good rootone and just a bit on a fresh cut..

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debbysunshine(san diego)

I know I already wrote but in a few drinking glasses in my kitchen window and also in a pot outside I had some cuttings in water for a couple of weeks that were starting to bud and also grow leaves so it was a good time to plant. Before you plant make a new cu in the thick stem and than stick in a bit of rootone..

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I have tried every method possible for rooting and my best luck has come from oasis flower foam. The way to do it is here. I am 100% rooting rate so far doing this. I do a few things though, they recommend the liquid rooting hormone, I used the powder (all I had at the time) I also put a pinch of Epsom salt in the water that the foam sits in. Once it has rooted I put the whole thing in a pot of soil, once I have gotten it used to less humidity (uncovering slowly over a weeks time) I have had wonderful luck doing this. Hope it helps. There are other methods here too, but do take a look at the oasis one.

Here is a link that might be useful: rose society propagation

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mehetabelle(z8/9 CA)

My cuttings root about 99% of the time, but die from damp off. Very frustrating.

Now I use a perlite/peat mix and the damp off seems to be less of a problem. Here's how:

- In a new peat pot, add the perlite/peat mix. Wet thoroughly
- wound the cutting a bit by nicking off a bit of 'skin' on the OTHER side of the bud.
- dip in rooting hormone
- carefully put into pre-made hole so the hormone doesn't get scrapped of. Firm mixture around cutting to support it.
- put entire pot and cutting into zip-lock plastic bag
- blow into the bag then seal in your breath because the carbon dioxide should help.
- put in warm shade for a few weeks

It almost always roots -- the hard part is keeping the damp off from killing it.

Good luck!

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

Last year was my first full-born effort at rooting (after 2 years of experimenting), and I had really good success. Took 450 cuttings, and I now have 410 rooted roses. I am using coir medium along with a cheap HD timer and some misters I got off of EBAY. I bought a cheap plastic shelf system from Target, and placed the cuttings on the shelf. Misters are tied up to the shelving and ran from 8:00 am to about 7:00 pm, on 2 minutes off 10. I also have about 50 rooted cuttings in the basement right now from cuttings I received from Univ Cal-Davis on 11/4/05. I am using a "bastardized" version of the process George Mander has explained numerous times here. Biggest difference is I again am using coir. Here is a link to show you a rooted cutting I got from UC-Davis in November. Please note it had just received one of its daily mistings. I do this to cut down on mites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooted cutting received 11/4/05 from UC-Davis

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I use a cuticle remover to remove a couple of thin slices off the bottom of the rose cutting. It keeps you from cutting in too deep. I make sure 2 nodes go into the flower foam (or perlite, whatever you use. ) My cuttings have done great this year. 100% so far. (most are from a 50 plus year old rose bush, but boy is that thing hardy) Good luck. There are a million ways it seems to root roses. You just need to find the right one for you.

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thank you so much for the postings thay were verry helpfull some ladys in my church have been after me to root some cutings for them for some time i think i can do it now thanks again and god bless

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