New flower beds a disaster

mla2ofusJuly 5, 2013

We just bought our home last year and it was a total blank space. There was lawn, kind of, and lots of trash and dead or diseased trees. Anyway, I started my flowerbeds and veggy gardens last year. This year I am finding that a lot of my perennials are not behaving as the tags and catalogs said. Penstemmon that was suppose to be 14 inches tall is well over two feet tall and the Canterbury bells are pushing 4 feet tall. I expected to have to shuffle a few things around but not most things! Don't the plants read their own tags and know how to grow!!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Nope! I have been working the same garden for 7 years now, and each year there are always one or two plants towards the front that are taller than the back row, even though I move the offenders. Or I allow for the width it is "supposed" to grow, and it ends up eating all its neighbors. When I see gardens where everything fits together perfectly, I am always amazed at how that is even possible!

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popmama Zone 5

I was just thinking how luck you were to have plants exceeding their expectations.

You can always move them. Over the years, I've had to move plenty of things as the conditions in my yard change. What once was a fully sunny spot is now shaded by a tree that spent the last 10 years growing. I had to move all the sunny things and replant with shady ones.

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I've got a variety of aster that, in east-facing beds with rich soil, is a solid 30 inches high. In north facing beds, mediocre soil, its 10 inches high.

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