Rooting - should I put these in soil yet?

brbnightmares(6)January 8, 2013

I have had these trimmings from a miniature sitting in water for weeks, and changing the water out.

They are super calloused but only a few thready root hairs are emerging.

I think I had kept too many leaves on, a bunch were turning yellow in the veins so I pulled them off, leaving only the glossy dark ones.

Should I keep them in the water or pot them? I find a lot of contradictory advice this way and that.

Any input would be awesome, I am a total noob with roses.

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I would. The longer you keep them in the water, the more nutrients within the cuttings are used up. Eventually, you'll probably reach the point where there is too little left to form roots. I'd plant them as you normally would and see how they go. Congratulations on getting them to callus so well in water. My super alkaline, salty water completely inhibits rooting. Good luck! Kim

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g-in-fl(9a Florida)

I have had better luck rooting in 80-90% pearlite, 10% miracle grow seed starting medium - its basically just peat moss. I fill a clear plastic cup, wet it well, pour off most of the water (leaving maybe 1/2" in the bottom, make a hole with a knife or pencil and then stick the cutting (having been dipped in rooting hormone) about 2 - 3 " deep. I put the "planted" cup in an old fish aquarium and cover the top with glass to create high humidity. I put the aquarium in front of a bright window, and usually see roots in a month. This method yields about 80% success for me, compared to about 20% success in water. The cuttings that I have rooted in water, usually have 1/2" roots before I plant . I've never changed the water. I'm very much a novice at this, but I have had some success.
Best of Luck to ya!

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