Grass hoppers

colokid(5)July 14, 2010

Did not think I had any until this week. Now they are thick. Want to warn you to kill them while they are little. Big ones are hard to kill. They prefer my pepper plants and horse radish.


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I have some grasshoppers here but they don't seem to do any damage that I notice. But then my cat eats them whenever he can catch them.

In fact I have ALOT of bugs of all sorts here. This is my 5th year gardening here and the only bug problems I've had were flea beetles the first year all over radishes and broccoli. Lat year I had a problem with slugs eating pretty much whatever new plants sprouted after July. That was probably due to the fact that I really expanded my garden and did alot of heavy mulching early in the season. This year hasn't been as bad for slugs.

I can't seem to bring myself to start using insecticides. What else can one do to limit grasshoppers?

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