Hail Thursday?

cnetter(z5 Co)July 8, 2011

Did anyone else get several inches of marble sized hail yesterday, or was I the "lucky" one?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I think you lucked out this time, C! :-( Sorry you got hit this time! Except for the hail I got a couple days before the swap, it's all missed me this year--so far!

In the last couple days I had a bunch of rain! Got really DUMPED on, on Wednesday--3/10" in less than 10 minutes! Then it kept on, on and off, for several more hours and I wound up with a total of a half inch.

Yesterday it never got really hard over here, but it did go on for several hours again, and I wound up with a total of just 3/10" yesterday. But I was watching the pictures--how could you miss them--of all the flooding all over Denver! Cars completely under water, trees blown over at the roots! I guess Cherry Creek along Speer was pretty much filled up to the top! A couple hours after the deluge, I heard that it was "still" 4' deep over the bike path! Saw a pic of one guy who apparently got stranded down there with no way out when it happened so suddenly, and he was (still had his feet on the ground on a higher spot near the edge) clinging to something that looked like Virginia Creeper, looking up like he was considering trying to climb up the stuff! One woman, didn't say where, was describing "cars and dumpsters floating by!" And one report said 25,000 people were without power! Didn't hear exactly where that was either!

Now there's another possibility of the same thing this afternoon! Dan, you said on one of the threads that it looked to you like the Monsoons were moving in! You were WAY right! You should go back into weather forecasting!!!

Does it look like most of your plants are going to recover, Cnetter? Fingers crossed for you! I hope they all come back bigger and better than ever!


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jnfr(z5b CO)

No hail at my house yesterday, east of Standley Lake, but today's storm has potential.

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cnetter(z5 Co)

Wow, it must have been a narrow band of hail that hit me since there doesn't look like they got any south of 72nd and jnfr says it missed east of Standley Lake and that's just a bit north and east of me. Yet the hail went on for 20 minutes!

I just got a bit more hail, but nothing that would damage anything. And another 1/2 inch of rain on top of the 2 or more inches from yesterday. I have standing water down by the coup for the first time I can remember.

The rain came down very fast today so I was stuck under this until it finished:

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jnfr(z5b CO)

Nice panel! Today's rain came down very hard and fast. I was afraid we'd get hail but we lucked out again.

My husband keeps joking about the Colorado Rainforest, but I'm starting to believe him.

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I thought I was in Florida yesterday! We had storms like that all the time including the flooding.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I got another (brief) gully washer over here at 120th & Colorado Blvd. a couple hours ago. When I saw the clouds moving in I decided to quick cut the grass before it got here, but it started when I was about half done with the backyard, so I was wet when I finished that, and didn't get the front done at all! Oh, well! the backyard is what I look at all the time, so I don't care what the front yard looks like! ;-) Not really sure how much I got this time, 'cause I forgot to stick the rain gauge back in before I ran inside! When I thought about it, I ran back out in the rain and stuck it in, and it shows I got 2/10", so I'm guessing I got about another 3/10" total. This time it was so windy the rain was practically horizontal, but I've still lucked out with no hail! On the news there was just a pic from somebody in Thornton showing a little bit of hail on their deck, but not for me!

As long as the hail stays away, I'm lovin' the rain! EVERYTHING looks SO green and happy! I'm all for a Colorado Rainforest, but I'm kinda guessin' our monsoon isn't gonna last long enough to develop a canopy!


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jnfr(z5b CO)

Ah and now we're having our second storm of the day, a really bad one, and there's hail this time. I don't look forward to picking up the pieces tomorrow.

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marycatt(zone 5 - Colorado Plains)

We got the hail Thursday - about 120th and Tower. I'm hoping it didn't do damage to the garden. It did snap a millet head in the pot at my front door. It was going to be a big beautiful head of purple millet too :(

for the last three days we got 2.85.


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