Comeback begins

jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)July 13, 2010

Most of the plants that survived the hail with only a couple of leaves remaining now have several sets of leaves. But more astoundingly, a couple of decapitated plants have formed leaves. I am very pleased with this because I didn't think it would happen. No, I don't expect much but the fact that they did revive is most heartening.

The first image is Veni Vidi Vici

This is Perestroika

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Wow, Jali! ThatÂs more than decapitated! ThatÂs deplantitated! IsnÂt it absolutely incredible how resilient plants can be! I havenÂt been hit by hail (yet) this year, but hopefully your pics will help show others than have been beat down what really is possible.

Keep us updated on the progress of your tomatoesÂand how about a pic of the ones that are coming back that werenÂt quite so badly damaged?

Wow! I really am amazed! ItÂll be interesting to see how much they wind up producing. I hope, for you, we get a nice long season for them to recover!


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Adorable!! Those little leaves are so precious :)

I'm glad they are making a comeback, I wish our plants were not so vulnerable.


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Hi Jali !!!


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Yup. Hail generally isn't a killer. It can kill aesthetics, surely. But plants are adapted to hail.


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Yes, Skybird, I am very happy. :) Just amazing.

Thanks, Jennifer. I think they are pretty cute too. Guess I'll have an unintended dwarf plant or two. :)


Hail kills, Dan. It just depends on where the plant gets hit, how big the hailstones are and how often you get hit. Pea size hail is more forgiving than ping-pong ball sized hail. These are exceptions to this particular storm. I lost over forty plants to that storm. No, they are not adapted to hail. This was a long shot and it turned out ok. Yes, a beaten plant can recover. I'm sure some of my mater buddies are as astounded at this as I am. Tomatoes are tough, but even tough plants don't stand a chance against the fury of Ma Nature. I thank my good fortune for this turn.

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Jali, you were the bright spot in my tomato world yesterday.

There were 48mph winds (at least) thru my garden on the 12th. The entire day was pounding, pounding, pounding. Yesterday morning, the tomato patch had that gray-green look of damage . . .

I didn't even go over there.

The plants had been growing so well after all the cold (and wind) here. After another unseasonably cool day, the warmth has now returned. I hope they can tough their way out of it but if they get sick, it won't be a surprise. Will check on them in the morning.

Sometimes it is best to just keep the pace and move ahead, devil take the hindmost, and all that . . .


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