I came home yesterday to devastation. :((

katgardener(5b)July 13, 2014

I was in Indiana this past week, and on our second leg home yesterday I received a text from my garden buddy 5 minutes from my house saying that we had a rain/hail deluge parked over our neighborhood and to expect garden damage. I was worried, but never expected this. She tells me that in 20 years of gardening here in Colo Spgs this is the second or third worst storm that she has ever seen. I spent the evening in tears. Everything has been stripped. I haven't a bit of color left and looking out this morning I see so much green debris in my yard that I don't even know how to begin cleaning up. I'll post another picture of my back yard. I am heartbroken. I had put so many new plants in over the past month!

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Oh kat, I'm so sorry! We've had 3 bouts of hail over the last month.

Some things may come back. Clean up the debris when you can, it'll make you feel better to not have to look at it.

Trim up the damaged plants as best you can.

The good news is it seems some of the garden centers are marking plants down now. Not much comfort, but a bit.


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Awwww! I'm sorry! My container plants fared much better due to the protection of the building, but they are not sure what to do with all this rain. Sorry for your loss! :((

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