Anyone else in Z8 see their roses begining to leaf?

yelmbackyardJanuary 7, 2010

Does anyone else in Z8 see leaf buds forming yet on their roses?

I have a red hybrid tea rose and a yellow that is beginning to leaf out already. This will be their second winter. These two hybrid tea roses were planted in the fall of 2008 along with a pair of Pink Peace and one Pascali. The Pink and Pascali still seem dormant.

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Some of mine are starting, too. And some of the bulbs are starting to bloom. The mild weather recently really has them confused. I hope they don't leaf out then get hit by a hard freeze! I've been telling them how foolish they are to be putting out leaves already, but it doesn't seem to be working. ;-)

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My bulbs are sprouting and my speciman roses are dormant but my wild child by the shed is leafing. I have tried everything to reduce that bramble. She wont bloom, just scratches any one who dares enter the shed. I cut her back and abuse her and she just grows bigger and stronger. I swear I don't know whether to hate her or admire her.

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Yes - and some held their leaves over the cold spell. One rose, a climber, had a bud, but it was broken off in the wind last night.

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