midnight mystery lily

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)July 7, 2013

My midnight mystery lily is blooming for the first time :) I got this from TreeBarb (thanks!) a couple of swaps ago. Very pretty bloom!!

But the leaves have black spots and looked rather burned. I have it growing in a pot with some other plants, and although it does get sun most of the day, it's not one of the hotter areas of my yard. But I suppose this lily is telling me it rather be in a semi-shaded/cooler spot?

Barb, or anyone else, know what I might change to make it happier?


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treebarb Z5 Denver


That is a pretty bloom! It could be getting too much sun. I have most of my lilies planted in the ground in a half day of sun. The ones I have potted get about a half day, too. It's tricky getting the light right with other plants in there. We sure haven't had much help from Ma Nature with rain either.

I think I'd strip or trim the toasted leaves off, rotate the pot so the lily gets less light if you can or move it to more shade. I don't think the leaves will grow back, so it's probably not going to look too great for the rest of the season. I'm just glad it bloomed. The batch of dahlias and balloon flowers I got this year didn't grow at all and I brought some of them to the spring swap this year, before I knew they were duds. My apologies to any of you that got them!


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Thanks Barb! I will move it to a shadier spot, as that area gets probably about 6 hrs of sun - must be too much for this guy!


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I have most of my lilies growing in full sun but in the ground rather than pots, they can handle sun easier that way since the ground doesn't heat up as much especially if you mulch. My purple eye lily that I got from Barb is growing nicely but doesn't look like it'll bloom this year. I have tons of Elodie lilies if anyone wants those for the fall or next spring's trade. I'll put a photo out here when those start to bloom.

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