rose cuttings in greenhouse

belleville_rose_grJanuary 23, 2007

has anyone ever started roses cuttings in a greenhouse? I was given one for a xmas gift and one use was to start cuttings. I would like to know if i need to change methods from the soda bottle. open to all opinions

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What is the size of the grenhouse? I have a couple of the four shelf patio one, with a cover that zips closed. I have a number of cuttings in it, and I don't use the soda is nice and humid in there, when the zipper is closed.

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mine is 6' x 8' so i will be able to use it for roses and seed starting to start with. I think I will have enough humidity to propagate the cuttings but may still use soda bottles to start.

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Might want to monitor the heat in the bottles. Greenhouse in a greenhouse might cook the cuttings.

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