Pictures of my rose roots! Transplanting my roses.

gr8heather(6b)January 23, 2013

So, as you know if you've read any of my other postings here... I've been kind of obsessed with propagating roses this year.

During the summer I got 3 new rose bushes from the greenhouse, and visited a rose garden, and looked all around town for pretty roses. I started lots of clippings, and most rooted! When I started this, I was very curious about what a rose's roots actually looked like once a clipping had rooted.

Sometime last year, I started a bunch of clippings of a pink rose my mom and I planted together when I was a child. I forgot about them, and 2 clippings that were in the same pot rooted, and the roots grew together. Today I re-potted all of the pink roses, and separated the ones that grew together. I took some pictures for those of you that are just starting out with propagation, and have not seen this.

All Grown Together :(

Washed the dirt off...


Here's how the roots have grown out of the cutting.

I let this one go for way too long!

It's a monster!

Cute new top growth :)

New little leaf buds.

Yeah! All re-potted.

Picture of the mommy rose from last summer.

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yougojay(Zone 7a)

Wow, those look great, you done good! The root systems that started look pretty huge for the cutting size. Isn't it rewarding? (!) I have been really getting into making more roses with cuttings in bands in a coldframe/hothouse & using rooter pots on the mother plant. The photos are awesome, thanks for posting them.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Definitly getting some good root systems going! I started propagating in sand last season, which allows me to root a number of cuttings in one small pot, and much of the time the roots get entertwined like you said, just gentley rinse them off and seperate them, and they're good to go :)


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Holy Moley. So - how long did it take to grow these awesome roots? I have mixed senses about how mine are doing. I planted them, mid-Dec I think. They all have tiny little nubbins giving me hint of new growth, but I pulled one out today and it only had about 5 teeny tiny hair width "look like roots to be" about 1/2" long coming out. So I don't know if I'm having success or not as I don't know what kind of time frames to expect.

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These roots took a long time... I'm not exactly sure, but it was months to grow these. I probably clipped them off the bush in September or October.

I am like you, not very patient with the rooting process, I am usually messing with them, and tugging on them way to much before I should, especially if it is a variety I am anxious to see root.

These came off of the only established rosebush in my yard, one I have had for 15 years or so. I accidentally broke off a cane while looking at it, and decided to cut it into pieces and root it. I had tons of other varieties I was rooting, so I promptly forgot about these, and I haven't really touched the bag at all for all these months. That proves the more you leave them alone (except to remove black or moldy canes)the better they do.

I did remove a few plants from this batch to give away in November, so some plants grow and root much faster than others.

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Looks good! Congratulations! I have tried all the methods and have had mixed results. Lately I have tried hydroponics and have had the best success so far in the shortest amount of time. I got roots in only 2 weeks in cold weather.

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Thank you! I am glad you are having good luck with hydroponics. I have been looking into some tutorials about that lately. My plants usually root within about 2 weeks too, these ones were just very... overly rooted before I transplanted because I forgot about them and waited too long. :)

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gr8heather could you pls explain your method..I've never had any success With rose propagation..I currently have 4 canes of Lady Banks in a pot, they're in a mixture of sand and potting soil..they're in the house &covered with a plastic bag..I'm begging, I love roses but I can't afford to buy anymore, any help would be appreciated.


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I do the following to root my roses:

I like to take the cutting from a branch that has had a bloom that has just finished blooming.

I cut it so that I will have 2 sections of leaves, then I cut the spent bloom off the top.

I put the cutting immediately into water while I get more cuttings, prepare the soil, etc. I like to use few drops of a product called "Super Thrive" in the water I soak it in, and in the water for the dirt.

I use miracle grow potting soil in a small container. I get it wet, but not so much that it will be sitting in a puddle. I make a hole in the dirt with a pencil.

I take the rose out of the water, and make a few shallow cuts at the base, then I dip it in Schultz TakeRoot powdered rooting hormone, and stick it in the hole in the dirt.

I put the little pot of dirt and rose into a zip lock bag (I like the 2 gallon ones) then I zip it most of the way up, and blow air into it to create a mini greenhouse.

I put it in a window that does not get direct sun. In my case, a north facing window. I don't touch it for at least 2 weeks, then I lightly pull on the stem to see if it has rooted.

If the stem turns black, it is dead. If it grows mold, it needs to be cleaned off immediately or thrown away so that it doesn't effect the other cuttings.

If you are successful, in 2-4 weeks new leafs will start to grow. If you used clear cups for the dirt, you will start to see white roots in the soil.

I adapted my method from this video I watched when I first started:

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