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nottougly(Zone 7)January 3, 2013

Hello everyone,
I am so sorry for being late in thanking everone for the cards and the seeds. I have been really really sick since Nov 27. I have not even been able to work at Amazon. I still can not work untill Monday.
Here is a list ofthe cards and seeds I received.

Sunflower, dwarf sunspot
Margo, smitties
Coneflower paradoxa yellow
Sunflower, evening sun
Sunflower, Lemon Queen
Standing Cypress
Amaranthus, green thumb
Amaranthus, green tassel
Sunflower, lemon Queen
Sunflower, Sunspot
Rudbeckia, Cherry Brandy
Melinda, ilovefarac
Celosia, Fresh look Yellow
Michelle, micyrey
Rudbeckia, Double Gold
Larkspur, Rocket
Echinacea, yellow
Sunflower, Velvet Queen
Sunflower, Chocolate Cherry
Malabar Basella Alba, green
Rudbeckia, Cherry Brandy
Katie, redthreadDIY
Sunflower, Velvet Queen
Cindy, alwaysagarden
Penstemon tennius
Verbena Bonariensis
Scarlet Penstemon
Thank you again and I hope everyone had great holidays.

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So sorry Faye. That's a long time to be sick.
Glad your feeling better now.

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I just wanted to thank Mckinney, Revelo, Holm, Hammons, Clopton, Casey, Jaymine, and Bragg for all of the wonderful seeds. I will start them in the greenhouse in a couple of weeks. They will mostly be for a local school and for my yard. I really appreciate it and OMG there are over 300 posts! Brad Oceandweller

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