what's wrong with the Mogo Pines

char35July 5, 2013

We summer in Wyoming near the Wind River Range. There are quite a few Mogo Pines planted in town. This year when we arrived we noticed a lot of them have been affected by something. They look like they are dying but there are a few green needles on the tips of some of them. Mine is bare on the bottom 2 feet. The top 4 feet is green with new growth. These normally are hearty in our area. The winter was not unusual. I did find a few deer droppings near mine and thought that maybe a deer had munched on the bottom, but all around town I see similar decline. Has anyone else had similar experience or know what has happened to them?

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Deer sometimes just 'take a fancy' to pine trees and even a few of them can do a serious number on a lot of trees.

What you see is needles stripped off of everything below deer nose height.

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