Hens and chicks blooming

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)July 4, 2013

My hens and chicks (don't know the variety) are blooming. I think the shoots look like dragon heads!

And here is what the bloom looks like:

If you know the name of the variety, please let me know. I think I got them from a swap, and most likely from Skybird.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

It kinda looks like 'Icicle", Misty. If it's "frosty" looking, a/k/a a little bit "fuzzy" looking, it probably is--but no way to know for sure once the name tag is lost--sometimes I'm not even positive about some of mine if I don't look at the tags.

A whole lot of mine decided to bloom this year! The first couple years I had them I let some of them bloom since they're so "odd," but now as soon as I can tell a hen is gonna bloom I pull or cut it out right away to give the new ones more time to fill in the "hole" that's left when the one(s) that bloomed die.

Happy Fourth of July,

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popmama Zone 5

Very pretty. It means they are happy!

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

How right you are, Skybird - I looked up icicle, and that is indeed what it is. Thanks - I've got it written down this time :) So far, I like the blooms. Will see if I continue to - I know I quit liking the blue spruce blooms and keep those cut back now so the foliage stays lower and more dense.

Yeah, there are indeed happy popmama!

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