potting up chile plants indoors for the winter ...??

vieja_gw(z7NM)October 10, 2010

I am thinking of replanting some Bhut plants to pots indoors this Fall. They are perennials aren't they? Will they drop their leaves & the grow more or will the plant stay pretty much as it is now with lots of leaves or will they go dormant & the grow again in the spring? Have never tried doing this but read that both chile & tomatoes are perennials & can be kept alive in frost-free conditions so was curious to try it... not that we need any more chile in winter! Thanks for any ideas!

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Yep from what i understand and read online is that pepper plants can be kept alive for several years if not exposed to cold frosty weather.
I have already potted and pruned down a few of my pepper plants to overwinter on a windowsill in my kitchen. Time will tell if they make it through the winter ;)
There are a few more older threads about overwintering plants on this forum.


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I usually over winter some. A few actually produce but most just survive ( some don't). With those that do you have a big head start next year so I think it's worth it if you have the room.


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here in phoenix they survive indefinatly i have some numex big jim going on 2 years now we get a spring crop and a fall crop

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They will likely loose a lot of their existing leaves, but, will start showing new growth within a couple of weeks.

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tsheets: so then I can just plant the entire plant with a root ball/dirt x the garden into big pots indoors? I don't need to really prune the plant or the roots much? I have never done this before so was going to try this as an experiment & appreciate your input! I guess some wilt/leaf drop will occur even if I water with transplant sol'n.? at first?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I would recommend replacing the soil so that you don't bring the garden's pests in for the winter.


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As greenman suggests, I bare-root them and trim both the tops and roots to fit them (generally) into a 1 gal (roughly) pot. By bare-rooting you minimize the critters you bring in as well as having a more appropriate medium for a potted plant (lighter, better draining, etc..). I did have to use a larger (maybe 4 gal) pot on a second year fatalii this year.

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Done!! The two I potted & brought indoors haven't wilted at all so hope they survive now ... thanks for the suggestions!

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Cool! Congrats! Now, just keep an eye out for aphids and such, and be ready for them when/if they show up. :-)

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tsheets: maybe we will be lucky ... hope so! Really don't have room for any more indoor houseplants but thought we'd give it a try this Fall for the first time. If they even survive being indoors this winter they would be placed out in the garden again next Spring. The Bhut seedlings x seed are SO slow to germinate & equally as slow to grow & then only do well the end of summer here!

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