cuttings- confused, n texas USA, now & 1 month+

merrybookwyrmJanuary 26, 2012

Being a total newb, I've confused myself about making rose cuttings. A kind person is going to let me have cuttings when they prune their roses mid to late February. Mid to late February is about six weeks prior to late average freeze date in a normal year. This year, who knows? The whole winter has been warmer.

I thought I'd better practice before putting inexperienced mitts on her cuttings. The practice rose will be a Duchesse de Brabant, it being the only rose possible. It has lots of green leaves but is not actively blooming. Two days ago, I took cuttings from under spent blooms, put them in 12 oz plastic cups with drainage holes in potting soil inside gallon ziplock baggies, watered them with roots stimulator, and put them in a southern window that stays about 74F. The baggies have been totally closed, and water condenses inside them in the day.

After reading here (again), I thought "eek, air exchange!" and cracked the ziplocks open. Should this have been done, or should the ziplocks have been left shut? Should the cuttings have two four foot fluorescent shoplights turned on over them? Should these green colored wood cuttings have been done with the burrito method, since it has been 'winter'? Should this same setup be used in February?

Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

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I use the humidity dome tray set ups and I've completely closed the vents and left them open with good results. It seems, although I'm no expert but at that point I would be concerned with the temperature inside the ziplock bag or humidity dome. So far temps up to 90 seem to be ok. I like 80 degrees with 90-100% humidity. And yes I like using lighting for any indoor garden.

Whats the burrito method?

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Thank you for answering.

Earlier, Hartwood posted about newspaper burritos:

Earlier yet, grandmothers_rose posted

and Roseseek also posted:

There are further links from the blog. It seems some people have very good success by taking cuttings, stripping all the leaves, wrapping the cut pieces into barely? damp sheets of newspaper a la burrito making, placing the 'newspaper burritos' into a plastic sack, and waiting for calluses and roots. It looks like people's best success may come with a different age of wood than the cuttings I was trying for. Maybe. If I understand.

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grandmothers_rose(z6b VA)

Well, I decided the newspaper method may work better for me using hardwood cuttings, the type you are referring to in your original post. Besides, what else am I going to do with my rose bush "trimmings?" I might as well try. If it does not work I'm only out some time that I would have spent surfing the Roses Forums anyway!! The general consensus is to keep trying until you find something that works for you. When you need advice or have success post a message. That's why we're here, to learn and have fun!

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Yes, the harder wood cuttings are more suitable for the newspaper wrapping method. I've experimented with softer types and some did callus, but usually collapsed before setting out any real roots. End of the year prunings should make for some suitable cuttings. It has here so far this year! Good luck! Kim

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