Another question to Mgleason

markiz37January 31, 2007

Hi! Thank you very much for your answer, but I have more question. Is it safe to buy coir on e-Bay[I can't find it locally]? Do you add a little water in a dishpan and elevate the cups so they don't touch the water? Do you wet coir before putting cuttings in or you just spray water on the leaves? After they root should I harden them off ,cover with bottles or ziplok bags? I have already two rooted cuttings from the fall[florist roses] under the lights. They grow very nice but too fast, already 2 ft long. The stems are too weak to hold them. Should I cut them or just tie them to something? Thank you for your time. P.S. It is unusual that my garden roses often turn black, but I,m successful with the florist roses from a grocery store.

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

All I will say about EBAY is that I have purchased many items there, and always got what I ordered. Check and see if you have any hydroponic stores in your area. That is where I get mine. I am still waiting for the police to come busting down my door wondering what the heck I am doing visiting that store so often!

I soak the coir in a bucket of warm water for a few hours. I then use this to fill the containers with. It really expands, so don't place the whole brick in the water unless you are planning on doing a ton of cuttings

Yes I elevate the containers. I knew I would forget something. I just use a cutting board that kind of floats on the water on the bottom of the dishpan. I drilled holes into it, but I don't know if that is really necessary.

After mine root, I transfer to a 6X6 square container, using good potting soil. These go on the shelf above the cuttings, which also have lights. I mist the leaves every day, and water thoroughly once a week.

You should probably cut these back some. I am already getting blooms, which I cut enough to get another cutting going.

When did you try the garden roses? I only use this method in the cold months. I am doing this outside in the spring - fall months. Were your garden roses already dormant maybe?

P.S. the coir comes in bricks usually, and should be no more than $3 per brick. Usually, shipping is the expensve thing.

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Mgleason-Thanks for the information.
Only one thing confuses me-hardening off. After reppoting, should I cover pots with something for couple of days, because I have cold basement[55-60F]. I already ordered coconut coir and when I,m successful I will start to buy from a florist shop with names. I looked at your roses at 'Help me find'-they are beuatiful. Especially I like 'Vino Rossi'-already ordered. Are you planting them right in the ground ,are you winterising them?

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

My basement is warmer, so in your situation I would try to keep them in the 70's. Heat under the pots would work. Not sure about covering pots.

Yes I plant mine in the ground and winterize with cedar or cyprus mulch.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Are there any fish/aquarium type stores in your area? That's where I found coir in my area (small town). I am using the stuff that is made for lizard bedding.


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