Root grafting for enthusiasts

dmaivn(NSW Aust)January 28, 2008

I'd just like to show enthusiasts how to do root grafting. My experiment proved that this method is quite worthwhile and often used by Dutch cut flower growers to propagate roses.

The idea is pretty simple. You just hunt for a piece of rose root near the size of a small rose stem you want to root, use razor sharp knives to slant-cut them, match them and bind by a strong clipper or tie them together. Then root them as normal softwood rooting. The rose stem is supposed to be small with 1-2 nodes and 1-2 set of leaves. Make sure the leaves are disease free.

The pros of this method is that the root piece would sprout feeder roots within 4 days on its own. A week of photosynthesis would be enough for the rose stem to produce enough callus to bind itself with the root (very fragile bond), but this allows water and nutrients from the piece of root to flow to the rose stem to help it to survive better until it will root its own roots. So you end up with a mix set of roots.

This method should also go well with rooting under artificial light. It will reduce the amount of time and save a lot of electricity.

As I no longer have a garden so I am not rooting any more roses. However if any one here like to try and document the process and success along the way, I am happy to support the person through this hobby project. You guys can build on my success to get a better process.

Here is a link that might be useful: Root grafting

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Thanks for sharing this; your previous articles were very helpful.

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