how do i control where the roses grow?

gibbsgirlJanuary 30, 2013

I want to plant roses along a fence line so they can grow up along one side of the fence. My concern is making sure they do not grow up along the other side of the fence.

I was wondering if someone could tell me what type of roses to be looking for?

And, if there is anything I should do, like bury some type of appropriate barrier in the ground to some particular depth to stop the spreading.

Haven't ever planted roses. I remember my mom had some nice ones when I was a kid. But, she eventually tried to get rid of them. She never could. They always kept regrowing and we'd cut our barefeet on the ground level hidden thorns that would come up.

Thanks for any tips you can give me.

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It appears you are asking how to prevent the roses from growing through the ground into the other side of the fence? If you plant own root roses which sucker freely, like some species and various Old Garden Roses, suckering like bamboo could be an issue. If you plant more modern roses or those budded on a root stock, suckering isn't usually something you have to worry about.

As for what kind of roses you want, that depends. You could plant bushes along the fence to grow in front of it. You could plant climbers to train to grow ON the fence, along the horizontal pieces.

You could choose once flowering types which explode into an enormous flowering for a few weeks each spring or summer, then flower again next year, or you could choose repeat flowering types which, if the spent flowers are kept removed as they fade, should flower spring through fall. Kim

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thanks for the info.

i actually just bought two roses. they are both rugosa rose therese bugnet. i think they are a shrub? or maybe they climb? i would like to plant them in front of a wall or fence. my big concern is them spreading out by growing up from underground.

What do you think? If I have to I'll plant them in pots. If that is my only option, does anyone know what size I should get?

If these are the kind that will spread, what if I planted them in big pots and sunk the pots close to ground level? I would like to have these in my frontyard, and I don't want someone to steal them. We have some theft problems in our neighborhood, especially in summertime. If I sunk the pots down and mulched I could probably make it appear they were in the ground, or at least look like it's too much trouble to try and take. Would that hold the roots back so they wouldn't grow new roses up from underground?

The otherside of my fences is where my kids run around barefoot a lot, so I definitely don't want little rose stems and thorns popping up somewhere other than right where I planted them.

Any thoughts?

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