Finally getting Abraham Darby seeds to send out roots

mmmgonzo(z7 OR)February 16, 2007


Something other than Fabulous! (which is a machine for making seeds and them sprouting like crazy in the frige), and Spanish Enchantress.

I so so so badly want my Casino seeds to germinate. That one I really want to see what it can do. So far no luck.

Has anyone done the frige thing and then taken the baggy out and put it next to a mild heat source? I wonder if that might get germination going. I may give it a try. I had Joshua tree seeds that I did this with and they all sent out roots after hanging over a heat vent in the house for a week or so.


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Can't wait to see your seedlings bloom...I love playing with the Austins to see what comes about. I have always done OP, wish I had the confidence to try crossing them myself.

I did do the fridge then take them out and left them on the counter for a few days, not sure it helped with the germination or not, so I can't really say, but maybe worth a try.


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