Pepper update!

Darth-Talon(9)October 31, 2011

Hahahaha! The 12 year old seeds are turning into seedlings!!! :D I have little green sproutlings peeking through soil! So some are definitely still good seeds! :D

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wow, pepper germinating with that old seed, that too this late in the season, what area are you in?

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Way to go! That's great. What type of pepper are those seeds from? Now I wont feel like I am wasting my time with year old seeds. But 12 yrs that's amazing.

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Depending on zone calculator you use, I'm either zone 9 or zone 11. I'm in the middle of a desert (Joshua Tree, CA), and they're gonna grow indoors. I'm surprised they're even germinating to begin with. Compost was dried up a bit, potting soil was dried up but I kept adding water to keep it moist and I've got seedlings.

the type of peppers? The packet I have was a mixed packet of 5 hot peppers. long cayenne, hungarian wax, anaheim tmr 23, jalapeno and cherry red. and I won't know for sure exactly which ones I have until the plant gets bigger and hopefully produces.

Currently, they're being started in an 18 count egg carton bottom. I've counted like 14 little shoots, a few visible and others about to poke through the dirt.

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Wow, thats actually pretty darned amazing that you're getting seedlings. Congrats!

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:3 Thank you! Although it's kind of funny watching them grow. 8 egg spots have seedlings. 8 don't.....yet... I'm just thrilled there's even green in all that dirt. o.O

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