Rose cuttings starting to yellow

pointsevenout(7)February 20, 2012

This is my first time. Please be gentle. I blame it all on mother! She wanted some more roses so I took some cuttings, dipped them in a powdered rooting hormone and potted. Can't tell you what kind except that they have pure yellow and pure red blossoms. Took the cuttings in late fall. My success rate has been 50%. I have about 9 cuttings remaining in modified 2 and 3 liter plastic soda bottles so that they are aerated and watered from below. Soil medium is 50% potting mix and pearlite to facilitate water wicking from below.

Their diet has been 100% city tap water that sets for at least 24 hours to try to kill any chemicals in the water.

I spray with an insecticide/fungicide once a week and cornmeal sprinkled on top the soil mix to prevent fungi.

It has been 4 months since the cuttings were taken. They have been living under a mixture of regular and sunlight spectrum florescent lights for 12 hours/day.

Room temperature is 63F constant. Only 2 of the cuttings have shown any new top growth at less than 4" then stopped. The rest of them look just like when they were clipped except for the root growth. A couple of the cuttings are starting to show some yellowing on the leaves. I have bought some 12-4-8 general liquid plant food concentrate that I plan to introduce through the root system or should I make a leaf spray? Want to feed them enough to green up the leaves but not promote any new growth until they get transplanted outside in their new home in about 2 months. Is there anything else I should be doing to heal up the yellowing leaves. Took some pics for you but don't know how to post them.

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seil zone 6b MI

Hi point7, any fertilizer you use should be at half strength only. If it's too strong it will burn those tiny new roots. I've never used the pop bottle method but I'm thinking maybe the ones that are growing leaves need to come out of the bottles and into pots now. Just a thought.

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Took the worse yellow leaf offender outside today and plopped it in a nice mix of soil following planting directions to the letter.
Two foot diameter hole two foot deep. Removed grass, mixed first foot of soil with well rotted manure and a half cup of bone meal, discarded the second foot of soil. Threw the mix back in the hole with the plant and mixed up some organic fertilizers, ringing the plant and covering with more manure.
It's sink or swim time for this little cutting.

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