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deannac(9b/S26/H10/Oviedo)February 28, 2011

Okay...I have a "Teasing Georgia" that's a monster. This thing will have canes that reach over my house, despite me hacking it to the ground every year. I get hundreds of blooms every spring.

Here's the question. I've never propagated a rose. I've got tons of soft, new growth and a trashcan full of old growth. Can I put the soft cuttings in water and will they form roots OR do I go back last years canes and get the cutting from there?

Thanks so much (for now, I've got 3' long canes covered with new growth in a can of water, lol.

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I have never been able to start roses in water, but I've read where other people have.

I start mine in a very light potting mix. I use about a 6" piece that's bloomed. They strike better if the cane has a spent bloom. I remove all but the top two or three leaves, dip it in rooting hormone and then stick in the potting mix. I usually stick two or three cuttings in each pot. I put them under misters in my flowerbed. If you don't have misters, keep soil moist. I don't have luck with summer cuttings here because of the heat. Mine do best in fall or spring.

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Actually, Teasing Georgia is pretty easy to root. I once took a 8" cutting and just stock it in potting soil and it rooted- No rooting powder. Later I did the same thing with another Teasing Georgia cutting and it rooted also. This was last spring.

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

I find rooting Teasing Georgia easy to root just give it a try seems you have enought matrial to try a couple of ways.

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