Bad seed or cross Pollination

jcav8terOctober 10, 2011

This is my first year growing Trinidad Scorpions. I started 3 of them from seeds and all three plants are very different. One is full of traditional looking pods.

One has buds that are just developing and the third has pods like this:

So I wonder if it was the seeds or did this plant cross pollinate with my Naga or Fatali which has pods that look somewhat like these.

And last and completely unrelated, here's my Bolivian Rainbow. Really pretty plant.



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Plants that cross you would not see the affects on the pods until the next generation so prob got seeds that were either mixed or poss a cross. I think it was mixed up seeds since one looks normal and the third pods look like Bhut Jolokia. All nice looking plants though.

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7 pot and Trinidad Scorpions have a LOT of pod variations on a plant most of the time in general.
Could be due to unstable strains,crosses or a combination of things.
I noticed my spring pods aren't as uniform as the ones from more mature plants.
Some just put out pod variations no matter what.
Seems to be the nature of the beast.

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Bhuts I have are extremely variable, and they have been around for quite awhile. I would expect those strains to be even more variable.

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