Rooting Portland or Autumn Damasks.

thordurFebruary 7, 2006

Hi! First time im at this Forum. I live in Sweden, Stockholm, zone 5-6 i think.

It´s winter and a lot of snow at this moment. I succeeded very well to take cuttings from roses last summer, mostly from climbers, floribunda, bourbon and moschatas. Damascena hybrids was harder to Root, maybe 10% (Mme Hady).

Does anyone have any experience of Rooting Portlands like Jacques Cariter, or Comte Chambord, or Autumn Damasks like Rose de Rescht ore Quatre Seasons?

Its my favourite roses but hard to find own-root here in Sweden. I know you got a lot of own-root in USA and Canada. Would like to root Gallicas to, i heard that my favorite Adéle Prevost is easy to root. I hope so..

Hope you can read my "English Thanks /Thordur

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I myself, have not tried to root any of the roses you mentioned, but I would think that you could try the dormant wood. I am starting some cutting here with in the next few days, and hoping that it works. Really there is nothing to lose, unless your 'mother' plant is very small.

I hope someone else comes along and can give you specific advice.


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maggie_the_kid(5b IL.)

I'm trying Rose de Rescht from dormant cuttings.I can't give you any info for another month or two. :-)

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