Mr. Lincoln Tree Rose is branching out in the garage

vickster257(Z7aNJ)February 16, 2008

Hi everyone,

While the bottom portion of the canes never really got off to a healthy appearance therefore, never really bloomed to any degree of success. Now, that it has been in the garage over winter, two of the uppermost branches are green and now have reached the ceiling. My question is can I take cuttings from the branches to propagate them? Also, will it be a bush type rose as of course it has no graft now. Do you think it can propagate on its own roots?

Let me know your thoughts, please Vicki

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Should be able to root it and it will be a bush. You have a bush right now grafted on a stick. Anything you root above the graft will be whatever the rose is but just not a standard.

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debbysunshine(san diego)

I made a cutting from Mr. Lincoln that did very well and has gorgeous big red blooms and I am now doing another. In my opinion and I am very bad with tree roses but if you see a nice bowl of branches cut off eight inches below the bowl and let it do it's thing. If the new growth is at the top the plant is losing a lot of energy getting it's water way up to the top.

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These elongated stems are now bending over against the ceiling and actually have buds. I will attempt to start cutting them into 6 to 8 inch stems but where would you recommend what type medium should be used for rooting in the garage? Seed starter mix or potting soil -- in a small pot or a baggie?


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