Disease ID Help Please - Pics Attached

jeremywildcatJuly 20, 2012

Can anyone please help me identify this disease? I have four plants in my raised bed garden in Denver, they were growing great until I noticed a few leaves with purple/gray spots. The biggest ones are 6-7' tall already, and I just picked my first few full size tomatoes. Seems to be present mostly on my Big Boy plant. Any ideas of what it is, and if it can be treated? Thanks!

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No ideas? I pulled off the effected branches, maybe 10 of them, and haven't seen it spread much yet so maybe I'm safe. Just don't want to go out there one day and have them all keeled over.

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Sorry, Jeremy, I don't know anything about tomato diseases, as I haven't been gardening enough years to have had a problem--until this year, that is, but my problem is different than yours--nor can I figure out what my problem is, either.

I could only venture a guess that it might be blackspot? Totally a guess on my part, though, so don't take my word for it! You should google "tomato diseases" and you'll see lots of pics come up that might give you some ideas.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I'm in the same boat, but with peppers. I had one that developed brown streaks on the stem, then the lower branches wilted, and there were brown patches on the leaves of those branches, and then it showed up on the pods. The plant was loaded too! It only took a couple of days. I ripped the plant out, and am hoping it doesn't spread to any of the other plants. After doing some research, my best guess is fusarium wilt, which I found can live in the soil for several years, and effects anything in the nightshade family, plus basil and things in the mint family. Looks like I'll be doing some crop rotation next year.

I wish I knew enough to identify your problem, but maybe Steve, or Jay, or David will see your post and comment. They've been growing tomatoes longer than the rest of us and may have run across something similar before.

Best wishes on the rest of your season!


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Well, I don't know much about tomato disease either. If there are spots on the stems, I blame Early Blight. If there is just some damage to the leaves, I'm usually inclined to say that it is Septoria. Pits in the fruits, that might be Bacterial Speck . . .

I looked at all the tomato pictures here: Vegetable Diseases, Cornell. Usually there is some yellow involved. Maybe that's just, what do we say, chlorosis? So, there's a yellow center or a yellow halo. I'm thinking that the problem just hasn't gotten that bad and hasn't generated that yellowing. There seems to be some mold on the decaying leaf edges but that may be co-incidental.

Let's hope it doesn't get any worse . . . Good Luck, Jeremy!


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Thanks everyone. I'm thinking it must be some kind of bacterial spot / speck / wilt or septoria. I'm going to try spraying some Daconil on them tonight and see if that helps. How fitting that the best garden plant is the most susceptible to a zillion different afflictions!

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