How to reproduce this rose

delma6262February 5, 2010

How do you reproduce dark purple ebb tide roses any help would be fantastic!!! it is also my 2nd time raising roses advise would be helpful!

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Since Ebb Tide is patented, the only ethical, legal way to 'reproduce' them would be to buy new plants. Rooting, budding or grafting them is theft of intellectual property prohibited by Federal Law.

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Making copies of a rose that is still under patent is illegal. If you want more copies, then you are expected to buy them. The research and development of new varieties is a very expensive business and patents ensure that the company developing the rose gets paid for their investment.

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Now that you know it is illegal and why, kind of like the way Microsoft feels about their patents. If you still want to do it the rose does not have any "anti theft" device built in and it will respond the same as any other rose to propagation techniques. Al

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