NEW Streambank Wheatgrass Lawn!

Viracocha(5)July 1, 2013

After reading about some of the success of others (bpgreen and others) on here using native grasses, I decided against KBG sod and would give Streambank Wheatgrass a shot. June 15 - What I had before was a xeriscaped collage of different flowers and plants. Unfortunately, it turned into weedscape because of poor planning from the previous owner. I tilled in some organic compost and claybuster after pulling out a 40 gallon trashcan and 20 gallon trashcans worth of small rocks in the ground (PURE PAIN...previous owner did not use any were embedded at different levels in the ground). I threw the seed and laid a straw germination mat over it.

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I was a little worried that this heat was going fry the new little sprouts, but at 3 weeks of growth, things seem to be looking very good. I do have quite a bit of weeds growing in one section. I've really overseeded that area hoping that the grass will choke them out. That may have been a mistake. Oh well, I think after I cut back on watering and mow it, they'll die off enough for the grass to take over. If this works out, I may seed my front yard this August.

Anyone have any tips?

I have above ground hose irrigation using melnor's 4 zone timer. In the background, you can see my Cherokee Chocolate, Black Prince and Serendipity Striped tomato plants taking over their street corner.

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david52 Zone 6

Looks like a great start, Viracocha!

As hard as it is, keep the weeds in perspective - they'll gradually disappear as the grass gets thicker. Either dig them by hand or just pull the flower heads so they don't go to seed.

What ever you do, don't spray the weeds with a broad-leaf weed killer until the grass is thoroughly established - like a full year after planting - you'll kill the grass.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

I agree with David. It looks terrific, Viracocha.

I'm one of those that renovated with streambank and western wheatgrass several years ago. I still have a few trouble spots, but I don't regret the choice for a minute.

Only thing, from my experience of the last few years would be to advise to fertilize in the fall only. The stuff grows quite heartily in the spring without adding any more to what is already working in the soil. I did a light fertilization one spring and I never did it again! ;)

Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips david52 and jaliranchr. I've definitely read a lot of your posts.

Well...shoot. I think I may have had some die out from the high heat we've had. I may have started the seeding just a tad too late. The sales rep at Pawnee warned me that I was close to the cutoff. I'm also not very impressed with the straw germination mat. I think it was too thick in some places hindering growth. I cut back some peaces so the grass could be freed. I should have went with the cheap cat litter (just clay) as the rep suggested.


Maybe I cut back on the water too much. The partly shaded area by the fence was very successful. It looks as lush as Bill Pullman's hair!

Bill Pullman's hair! âÂÂâÂÂâ :D

Oh well, I'm not deterred. I'll seed again in mid August. I'm just wondering if I should just till up the weed heavy areas and start over?

At least somebody likes it.

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david52 Zone 6

I don't think I'd bother tilling up the weedy sections. Most weeds are annuals and will die off anyway come winter. I'd just over-seed with more wheatgrass and mow the weeds to keep them under control. The weed and grass clippings should help protect the new grass.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Glad to see your feline friend enjoying the grass. It is really soft in the spring and the neighborhood cats love to lounge out there until my mutt informs them it is his yard. I wouldn't go to any more work than you have to. It takes persistence, but it is worth it. It does crowd out the weeds in time. The wheatgrass withstood the utter neglect my nephew gave the yard, whereas the backyard fescue is overrun with weeds. Stay with it, you'll be fine.

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Thanks for the advice david52 and jailranchr. This cat enjoys eating the new grass as well. At least he seems to know to keep his no. 2's elsewhere lol.

I can't wait for a drop in temperature so I can seed again. By next season, hopefully I have some better pics.

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Looking good, Viracocha. You're right, it's very Bill Pullman-esque. Leaning this way for our lawn. Any updates?

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