Rooted rose cuttings -- February list

danty(z9CA)February 16, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I still have some nicely rooted cuttings of these varieties available.
I can get (4) in a flat-rate USPS Priority box.

PINK PET (Caldwell Pink)

It being the middle of February some are ready now . . and some will be ready in about a month or so.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

There's lots more coming later in the Spring.


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seil zone 6b MI

Dan, are you looking for cuttings in exchange for these? No way I can do any right now but I see a few there I'd love to have, Bees Knees, Cafe Ole and Diamond Anniversary

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john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)

Hi Dan,

I am very interested in the following roses:
1. Golden Buddha (first choice)
2. Bee's Knees
3. Café Ole
4. The Alexandra Rose

I can either send you postage or provide you with full size plants of some that I have rooted or cuttings of roses from my collection that interest you. I do have some polyanthas (Mrs. Alston, Spray Cecile Brunner, Marie Pavie, Gabrielle Privat) and a few minis, since this is what you may be most interested in. I can send you a more complete list of the other roses that I grow (around 200 or so) if you like.



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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I was just enjoying one of the cuttings I got last year from Dan, Britannia, it threw a "big rose" cane this "winter" and is loaded with buds-probably 40 in all!

I will email you Dan! Thank you for offering these plants

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Hi Dan - I would love to have some from your list. You have mail.


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Am I too late to ask for a rose cutting to start this spring? I'm not to familiar with the names so what kind of roses are these? Shrubs? mini? teas? or what. Thank you in advance for your time in answering.

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Hi, i am really interested, but not sure how this works as i'm new to this. Are you offering the plants for postage fee only or are you selling them? Please let me know. Thank you!

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kaylanw(Florida - 9B)

Hi! I'm very interested in getting started with rose gardening with some cuttings. Please email me with details of sending you postage fees if these are still available.

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Hey Dan I dont atm have any cuttings to offer you in exchange but I would love a pink pet .. would round out my pink and white rose garden nicely

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Dan's cuttings are well rooted and healthy. I can vouch for that. All of the cuttings I have received from him are doing well. Again, Thanks Dan!

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I went to the beautiful Ringling rose garden this week and they have a beautiful pink pet I am excited about receiving one from you

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plantsforever(zone 6)

Hi Dan

I would be interested in any fragrant roses that you are offering. You can check out my trade list or will do postage if that is OK.


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Artax97(6 MO)

Do you still have cuttings of fragrant roses available? How does this work?

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Julia (1meanmop)

If you still have cuttings available would love to have some.

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meixue(10 CA, Bay Area)

Hi Dan I would also love some cuttings. My mom has a horrible ragged white rose that she insists on trying to nurse to health but I think its time for a new rose bush for her. I'm hoping for any fragrant rose for her. she loves white roses so a fragrant white cutting if possible. I'm not sure what you would like from me but i'll go update my trade list as well. In general right now I can offer cuttings of Stewart avocado, beautiful lychee, gold nugget loquat, rose apple, fejoia sellowesie (Spelling?), foduingzhu sweet olive and aurantiacus, seeds of shiso, yomogi, japanese green onions and leeks, variety of radish seeds (black spanish, china rose, white hailstone), yellow champaca cuttings, Jujube cuttings. A white fig cutting (sorry I can't remember which tree is what fig but I have two and one is a Genoa and one is a dessert king- both delicious).

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Hi Dan! Do you have any roses left?

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hi Dan do you have any roses left

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