I've had enough!

plantladycoJuly 20, 2012

The shootings in Aurora are just another stressful incident in the Summer of 12.

Heat....drought...the fires in my city(Colo Spgs) and now this.

I told my husband this AM that i was going to buy an air conditioner and lock myself in the house.

His comment?

But who will take care of your gardens?


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treebarb Z5 Denver

We have definitely been in the spotlight this year for all the wrong reasons.

Buy that air conditioner and lock yourself in. Just come out at sunset and in the morning to take care of the garden.

Columbine happened on my birthday and the OKC bombing the day before my birthday. I kind of wanted to hide out then.

Imagine being one of those truly affected by the fires or shootings. Not just inconvenienced, but affected. That might help put things in perspective.

It looks like it might cool down a bit the middle of next week. The 90's sure beat the 100's!

I bet you'll feel better soon. Till then, let's rant!


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This old man has a question.
Why are people taking little kids and babies to a movie at midnight?
This is a different world than the one I thought I lived in.
Is this the real world?

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

You read my mind, Kenny - I thought that very odd as well. Guess these were young parents, who didn't think that through.

But more importantly, what is happening to people to make them snap like this ... this young man sounded like he had so much going for him. Except I did hear that although he had a degree, masters I think, in neuroscience he still could only find a job in California at a McDonalds. That's why he came out here - to pursue a phd in his field. Something in his year of further study apparently caused a breakdown, but I know we will learn more about this as the story develops.

Truly a heart breaking story all the way around.


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david52 Zone 6

In early June, all the students at the Anshutz/CU School of Medicine who are going for a PhD (not a MD) take a 'preliminary exam', which can be brutal. It usually takes about a month to find out the results - and if you don't pass, you are either given a choice of withdrawing or - in his case - completing another masters degree. Which explains the language used by the school about how he was busy 'withdrawing' from the PhD.

I was staying with my wife and daughter in an apartment a few hundred yards behind the hospital when all this went on - we were up in Denver at Children's Hospital getting my daughter's knee taken care of, she had a complete tear on her ACL. Hearing all the sirens, I thought it was some enormous car wreck or something, and then found out in the morning what had happened.

What a mess.

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You are not alone, plantlady! I moved to Colorado exactly one year ago today. In the past year there was the listeria outbreak, crazy weather, tornadoes, massive wildfires, and now a mass shooting. But there has also been new friends, new job, visiting family, health, and a new boyfriend. In times like this we need to remember all we have that is dear to us.

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Thanks for your thoughts all.
I know I'm fortunate, but sometimes it all converges.
Surely, you've had days (weeks?) like that?

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