Tomato Diagnoses?

pumpkin2010(5)July 28, 2011

My tomatoes appear to be afflicted with something, and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction as far as a diagnosis. I thought the initial signs of this issue were from all the rain we were getting, and then someone suggested that it was because I wasn't pinching off "suckers" which grow from the branches of the stems (which I'd never heard before)...but the problem isn't improving, so I figure I should run it by the RM group at this point.

There seem to be two problems. I have 3 "Large Red Cherry" plants, one Early Girl, one Fantastic, and one Better Boy. All six plants have yellowing, curling, browning leaves around mostly their lower branches, with the branches eventually turning yellow/brown as well. The Cherry plants seem to have it worse than the others. What could this be and how do I remedy? It doesn't seem to be affecting fruit production. I have the decomposing variety of weed mat under the plants, but no mulch.

Some, but not all, the leaves also have some lacy spots appearing:

Fruit setting and ripening appears normal...with one exception! The "Fantastic" plant is putting out some seriously deformed fruit. It's lumpy! The other five plants have set plenty of normal fruit.


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It is hard to tell for sure by the pictures. If the pictures were close up it would help. The link below is too one of the sites I use a lot. One possibility if Septora leaf spot. Many times the pictures you look at will not match perfectly what you are seeing. If I think of any other possibilities I'll post them. Jay

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato disease diagnosis

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Thanks Jay. That's one of the links I've been looking at as well - and you're exactly right. The pictures of a specific problem on any given website don't look like the pictures on another site, and some may or may not look like what's in my garden. That's why I've been having trouble figuring out what the problem is. I'll try to get out there today and get closer pictures.

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Any pests you're able to see? The "laciness" you mention would lead me to think it might be a bug issue. Look hard on the backs of the leaves for any tiny little spots.

As for the misshapen fruit, I'd assume that's just the variety. I just picked a mangly Black Krim that I'm looking forward to performing surgery on to eat.

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Interestingly I just took a look at my plants and noticed a few of the lower leaves that have the same kind of damage. Upon closer inspection, I saw tiny black bugs on a few leaves that jumped when touched. I had heard of flea beetles, looked it up, and sure enough that's what I have. Sounds like it's not much of an issue on established plants, and the damage I have is pretty small. Good chance that's what you have as well.

Seems like every year I get some new pest that invades my tomatoes. These are much better than the psyillids from last year or aphids the year before, knock on wood.

Here's some info on them from the CSU website:

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