Adventure with a rooted rose bud

sanrosa(5)February 19, 2010

This is a very helpful place!

The little rose bush in the first photo is my first cutting success. You can see its first little bud. (Thank you Connie from Hartwood roses! You were very helpful here and on your site.) The second photo is that first bud which I clipped from it so that the new baby bush could get stronger roots. I hated to not see the first bud at least try to open, so I put it in a little jar and low and behold, a few weeks later.... roots! You can see them in the second photo. I had never seen roots grow from a cut rose in water. So interesting! I dipped it in rootone and potted it in my rooting mix. We'll see what happens. I wanted to ask here how to procede, but could not log on yesterday, so I just potted it anyway.

I am having fun propagating roses. Thanks to everyone here for all the great help.


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Now you have let the secret out! Roses are so easy "a cave man could root them". Congratulations on your propagation efforts. Al

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Thank you , Al. Yes, easy and fun. It seemed so mysterious but now I realize that these little sticks want to grow, or I should say are programed to grow. Just giving nature a little nudge, and a conducive place to go at it, is remarkably rewarding. This project has really taken the cabin-fever edge off of this extra cold, wet and seemingly interminable winter for me!

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How long did it take to root .. did you use indirect lite or does it matter ?

Wow.. I had no idea it was that easy.


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I also want to know about the direct/indirect light and how long. Did you dip the cutting in rooting hormone before putting in water.

How often did you change water?

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I recently put two pieces in dirt with some rose fertilizer. Will that work too?? How long will it take if it works?

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This is soooo amazing! Who wouda thunk it? Congratulations on your success.

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