growing roses from clippings this time of yr.

woody64(5a)February 15, 2013

I got some clippings from the local florist at valentines day cause I figured they will be the freshest since they sell so many at this time of yr and want to try and grow some from the clippings.I 've had some success in the summer with clippings but not this time of yr. Has anyone had any success trying to propagate roses in late winter? If so what was your method?thanks

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Well, I have one that has done surprisingly well. It broke off one of my antique roses and I stuck it in a pot and gee, it rooted. But you have a very different situation and climate. Have you already planted them? Seems like 2 weeks ago is a long time to get them and not plant them. A lot of those florist roses won't root, but some people have had some success with them. If you do a search for rose propagation her on GW, there's a huge, huge thread with a lot of info about how to root roses, and some people discuss those florist roses, pros and cons. I read it a while back and it was fun.

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seil zone 6b MI

It's the same procedure as doing them in the summer but the trick is to get them enough light and to keep the humidity high around them inside. If your weather is like mine a "sunny" window sill isn't going to be enough light. You'll need to put them under some grow lights. And humidities inside a home are never high enough so I keep mine on a try of pebbles with water in it. But you don't want the bottom of the pot in the water! It needs to sit above the water so the soil isn't soaking but the air around the pot has a higher humidity.

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