propagation of Sunflare rose

kept(6)February 15, 2013

I've been enjoying a Jackson Perkins Sunflare flouribunda for many years because of it's beauty and disease resistance. It virtually is bothered by nothing. I'm moving from St Louis to southern Alabama and this rose would do very well there I think. Is it possible to propagate this rose. I'm concerned that by the time I get moved (a year or so) Jackson Perkins roses may not be available.

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Hi Kept,

I see here what you need all picture about Sunflare rose..

I hope this is can help you...


Here is a link that might be useful: Sunflare Rose

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Thank you Adelinalee.

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Sunflare was introduced in 1981, which means the patent expired in 2001. Please go for it, and help keep this excellent cultivar alive.

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Thanks you Nastarana. Your are so right. Here in the St Louis area the humidity makes it very difficult to grow roses but Sunflare is nothing but pure pleasure!

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