Black currants in Colorado

Olga2013July 6, 2013

Does anyone know what kinds of black currants will produce good crop in Colorado?Black currants and red currants grow well here, as well as gooseberries. I am looking for varieties that will not only give lush bushes but will give lots of berries. Thanks

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I have one black currant called Ribes odoratum Crandall. So far it is doing very well and this year (year 3 I think) it looks like it will have a good crop. It is covered in bright yellow flowers in spring, and the bush itself is nice looking. Our neighborhood park has what I think is the same variety, and the past couple of years my kids and I have enjoyed picking several bags of them for our smoothies.

I also have a Red Lake currant bush, planted at the same time as the Crandall, which is much larger. However it has yet to produce any fruit.


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Trish, thank you. I have consort black currant. But the berries are not large and more sour then the ones I ate as a child. Thank you. I will check Crandall out. I do have three RedLake red currants. However, only one out of three produces berries /they take turns. It seems that each bush produces once every three years/. I do have red currants on one bush this year.I would like to find a kind of black currant that fruits well in Colorado Springs, CO. Thank you very much again. Olga

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Have grown black currants in Nevada and Montana. But starts that were given to me so couldn't tell you variety. Yellow blossoms and they produce very well. Even last year when all my fruit trees froze I still had black currants and Red Lake which are at least half the size of the black ones. We have taken suckers and now have at least six that are producing and are suckering more. Given a lot of water they can get to a good size.
My sister in Durango West has black currants. I started picking last night and will probably have a couple of weeks to go.

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