Abraham Darby, Green Snake, Spanish Enchantress Babies :)

mmmgonzo(z7 OR)February 26, 2007

Oh how excited I am. :) :)

I think Abraham D. will just be fun to see what I can get. Green Snake is such a wierd rose in itself I am curious as to what it can produce. Spanish Enchantress is one of the prettiest roses when it is in full bloom. It looks like it lights up from the inside. Unfortunately repeat bloom isnt that great. So I am hoping for some great colors of pink/yellow/oranges from this one. Who knows? :)

I really wanted my casino and sweet juliet OP hips to do something but they are holding out on me.

So far now I have had 4 different parents seeds germinate.

Exciting and interesting. I love checking to see if there are any roots poking out of the seeds I have in the fridge :)

Fun fun.

** Question: I sowed a flat of seeds that werent showing any signs of germinating, and so far nothing, I read I think that maybe another cycle of cold might do some good? Anyone try this? I have them in the fridge as we speak, but wondering if anyone had any sucess.



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YEAH.....it is such fun to watch them grow and flower. I wait patiently for the english roses too, because they are so pretty to begin with. I was surprised by that one that already bloomed, it looks like a keeper to me, at least for my garden. I have never seen Spanish Enchantress nor greensnake, so I am not sure what you might even begin to expect, but hopefully something nice.

As to your question, I am not sure, I have had mine in and out of the fridge a few times and it does not seem to be helping yet, I guess the last ones are just going to be stubborn.

Hang in there!


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