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sorie6(6b ok.)July 13, 2010

I'm so mad. I bought bee balm at Paulino's it has meldew!! It hasn't got plants around it. There is lots of air. I wanted red it's pink. I thought Paulino's was a good place. Not to sure now!! Of course I didn't save the reciept!! what can I do for the meldew? Thanks

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Very common. Not their fault.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Sorie,

What Dan says! Monarda almost always has mildew to some degreeÂusually bad! I used to try to not sell it to people, but theyÂd see the flowers and want it even after I warned them. So as long as you want to have bee balm, I think youÂre going to just have to put up with the mildew. In my experience you wonÂt find anything at all that will even put a dent in powdery mildew on Monarda! (There are now whatÂs called "mildew resistant" varieties, but by looking at them, I could never tell the resistant varieties from the non-resistant varieties!)

BUTÂDo you still have the plant tag that came in the pot? If you do, whatÂs the variety name? Some varieties that are described as "red" are really more pink or bright pink or something besides what IÂd call redÂkind of like "blue" perennials are almost always purple! But there really are "red" beebalms, and if you can tell me the variety name I can probably tell you if it should be RED or not. If you got one that really should be red and itÂs blooming pink, IÂd recommend digging it upÂwith the flower(s)Âand taking it back over there along with the tag that came in the pot. They donÂt guarantee plants after theyÂre soldÂthey have signs up saying thatÂbut if you bought one thing and got something else, IÂd expect them to stand behind that and replace it for you. You could call firstÂask for JohnÂand tell him what happened. Of if you just go, look for John inside or Cheryl out in perennials (have somebody call her on the radio if sheÂs there but not out in the retail area), and tell her about the problem. (Tell him/her Dee suggested you try to get your problem resolved.)

Post the variety name if you can find the tag.


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I'd caution that plant tag colors aren't always right on and add to skybird's advice that the variety is important, not color. But powdery mildew is ubiquitous and loooooves bee balm.


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