Help my rose cuttings are getting black!

tumasMarch 5, 2011

Hi there..

Very sad day today.. I realised that most of my rose cuttings are turning black, and the small leaves that grew got dried out. I realises that they are getting blaxk from the top and bottom. I tried to cut off the black parts but with no luck! Can someone help?

Shall i cover them in plastic again?

I wateer them once a week..

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Once they start turning black, I've never been able to save them.

Is your soil light enough? I root mine in potting mix lightened with vermiculite and pearlite. I do mine outside under misters. I havce never tried them inside.

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So its best to keep the pots outside rain or shine?

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Tumas, I don't know what zone you are in. If you are in a warm zone, I'd say yes. Obviously, if you are in a really cold zone, probably not. I've never tried them inside because I'm in such a warm zone.

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