Peace Rose Propagation by accident

organic_hummingbird1March 8, 2010

Hi... :)

This is weird. My husband, Tom, and I pruned our out of control peace rose and put the cut off parts into a trash can and promptly forgot it was there ....

So I walked out and looked at the trash can today and noticed that the peace rose cuttinga are now budding and leafing out like crazy... the trash can had also filled with rain water. I would hate to waste these lovely starts of life... but they are rather LONG (about 5 feet long). Should I just throw these out, or should I go ahead and cut them back from the bottom and hit them with rotenone in smaller pots and start rose bushes in my greenhouse? I have about 25 of these stems doing that. Some are rather thick, an inch or so, but they have the healthiest leave growth.

If you were me, what would you do with these? (other than the fact that I have to figure out where to plant these!)

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WOW ! How lucky can you get ! I sure wish mine would do that .... why don't you split up the batch and try several different ways also maybe just stick some in the ground, and see what happens ? don't know where you live, but should be starting to warm up and things are starting to grow, so take advantage of it.... maybe use some rootone to help them along. good luck, sally

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diane_nj 6b/7a

I would try to propagate. The canes store residual nutrients and the water helped. But, you should get some cuttings into soil quickly. Good luck!

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Thanks, Saldut... I live in Santa Cruz Co, CA. Supposedly zone 9, but we are really zone 15 according to Sunset. I think I will try various ways. I have a huge amount of worm castings from my alpaca manure, so I think I'll fill some pots with that, and try some in potting soil and stick some in the ground... once it stops raining that is! More Rain... ACK!

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I would cut the canes down to about one foot. Plant the rooted cutting in your garden if you want more or pot them in one gallon nursery pots for your friends or to donate to plant sales. Don't worry too much about where the buds are on the cutting or the fact that the new growth is way up to the top of the stem which you cut off. New buds will appear and grow. Al

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