Revenge of the Hail

msfuzzJuly 4, 2010

Since I got lucky during the first couple of hailstorms, I guess Mother Nature decided that it was finally my turn. We just had shooter-marble/golfball sized hail here for about 10 mins. We'll see how the garden survives, though I'm sure it's battered. What I can tell by looking from the house, nothing got completely stripped, so I'm sure there's still hope. I'll go look at it closer when it stops pouring rain. lol

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%$#@&*% hail! My garden was just recovering from the May 26th hail storm. Not to mention the 95% of veggies I had to replace. All the veggies are down to nubbs again. Even the corn looks like someone took a scithe to it. Sigh, I hope I get somethhing out of it this year. I hope everyone else did better and the hail missed them.

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

Sorry to hear about the hail again. It really seems to be part of gardening here unfortunately. It started hailing here this afternoon and I thought it was my time again. Luckily it petered out and we had a few hours of good steady and sometimes hard rain.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

It's looking down right nasty out here in Westminster right now!! We got some rain and pea sized hail a couple of hours ago, but hear our county (Jefferson) is under thunderstorm, heavy winds and hail, tornado warnings. I sure hope it blows on past and we don't get hit hard :^/

So sorry to hear both of you got damaging hail - especially you Provogirl!! You have had some bad luck with hail this year for sure :^(.

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Dan Staley

I've been watching the clouds in old weatherman mode, and have the peppers covered. If it survives the night, I have one tomato left in a pot if someone needs it, IIRC its 'Better Bush'.


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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

Looking at the radar map it looks like Colorado Springs is really getting hammered. Life on the front range!

Maybe we should start growing things that can stand up hail?

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col_sprg_maters(Front Range 5)

Colo springs here,
I had 20 pieces of hail and ran out side and moved/covered everything in 5 minuites. (thanks to John Elway and practicing his 2 minute drill)

Now just REALLY dark clouds, thunder boomers, lightening, and a funnel spotted 15 miles east of here. But not even rain at the moment.

Looks like Peyton and Rush are getting it- Including the "Get out of your Trailer " warning.

I have Lemon boy and patio picnic to spare if needed. and a couple of "unknowns" that i lost the tag to.. probably Amish orange.

(Here comes the torrential rains right NOW. gottaa go.


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We've gotten pea and marble sized hail here in Falcon (east of Colorado Springs) so far. I keep cringing every time I hear reports of bigger hail on the east side of CS (ping pong and golf ball sized). My garden is already slow enough this year (seriously, I may not get ANY zucchini at this point), I really don't need to have what I DO have growing beaten to death.

On a positive note though, I ran out and took a peek a the rain gauge during a little lull and it looks like we've had about an inch of rain!! That's about the total rainfall we've had in May and June combined!!

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Im sorry for all of you that got hit, although I got terrential rains, I dont believe any hail. All my plants that were ruined in May, have started new growth. (I did replace some items.) They look pretty good this morning. Lowes has some nice size perrenials on sale for 3.33, I think 2.5 qt.

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Well, I lost a few branches off the toms, some medium sized branches off of the potatoes, a few half-ripe strawberries...And leaves and chunks off of pretty much everything else. All in all, things look battered, but I think they'll be able to survive. The mint, of course, doesn't even look scratched. LOL

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

No hail here yesterday, just more crazy winds ... and a few sprinkles.

Just to encourage those of you with damage, we had a hail storm June 11th, and my comm. garden plot looked like a war zone, but everything recovered pretty quickly. Oh, and Greenbean, last year I didn't even plant zucchini until the 4th of July weekend, plus we had an early frost (mid-Sept.), and I still harvested a few zucchini's, so don't give up yet!


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

As you might have heard, we got pounded in Limon. I lost two windows, a friend had the anemometer blown off after it clocked a gust at 76 mph. The biggest stones I saw were ping-pong ball size. It was ugly, and we know ugly weather out here. :)

After the first hard look at the tomato patch this morning, I still have eight plants. Out of 50, that's not a great percentage, but I am overjoyed! Only one of the eight looks decent because it was protected by a spruce tree. The others only have two or three leaves, but as long as they have some leaves, photosynthesis is possible. They aren't pretty. We got nailed by four hailstorms last summer. My plants were really ugly, but they produced well. Don't give up hope!!! They won't win any beauty prizes, but quite often the stress of the beating will give the plants a growth burst from the stress. :)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

IÂm sorry for all of you that got hit again this time, and sorry you got clobbered out there on the plains this time, Jali. I was thinking of you when I looked at radar and saw how bad it was out that way. I sure hope more than eight of your tomatoes are able to make a comeback! Nature can do some pretty miraculous things!

Is it my imagination, or does it seem like weÂve gotten more hail than regularÂwhatever that isÂthis year? It just seems like people have been getting bashed in all over the place! Down on the south end of Denver it looked like winter on Sunday, and they were showing people out shoveling the hail which looked close to a foot deep!

IÂve been really luckyÂso far! No hail at all with the Sunday storm. It got really gusty a few times, but only for short periods, and I think I wound up with about an inch of rain, but I had watered the grass earlier in the day and forgot to empty the rain gauge, so IÂm not really sureÂit was at least an inch.

Could be more bad storms around here today again, but "theyÂre" saying itÂs gonna be more north and east of the Metro area this time. And, strangely, it looks like most of it could come overnite this time! If I do wind up getting hail, I sure hope I at least get some really good lightening and thunder along with it to enjoy!

Good luck, every body, with your damaged plants. Let us know in a week or two what survived and how things are doing!


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