Newspaper wrapped cuttings to be unveiled today!

growing_rene(7a/b)March 16, 2013

Hello everyone! I am new here and have been lurking on these forums for some time now. :-) I love trying to capture your experiences and recommendations. 2 weeks ago I wrapped my cuttings & am can't wait to see how thry are doing & especially excited that we are in the 70s today. Growing season is among us!

I, however, am slightly hesitant about removing the cuttings and seek your advice. Should I give them another week? I don't want my impatience to be detrimental to the cuttings!

Thank you all in advance!

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm not positive but I thought they needed about 6 weeks in the burritos. I think two weeks is too soon.

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Thank you much for your response. I am afraid I need more patience. time for round 2! today was too pretty, I couldn't resist!

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donaldvancouver(cool wet z8)

It's not like cooking rice; you can peek and it'll do no harm (actually you can peek at rice too.) Two weeks is good for many cuttings- some need longer. It depends on the storage temperature. After three weeks or four, you're likely to see them go downhill.

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I peak, too, to see how they're coming along. Most require two weeks in the wraps. I've experienced leaving them longer than about two and a half weeks results in poor development, as if they've used too much of their stored nutrients and don't have enough left to continue rooting. Peaking is how I determined the last batch was ready in only ten days! EVERYTHING was perfect for that batch. All are planted and coming along. Good luck! Kim

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thank you all so much for the responses. my cuttings didn't look as healthy as some of your pictures but a couple looked ok. I decided to experiment & put them on the north side of my house, next to the a/c, in hopes of extra moisture from condensation. I am hoping the soil will work well, it is nice & dark with a slightly sandy consistency. If it doesn't work well then I will be using mixtures in the future.
This is my first attempt with roses...too bad they aren't as simple as forsythia! Thanks again, I really appreciate all of your input.
thanks again!

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You're welcome Rene. Good luck! Watch that you don't put them where the air being blown out of the A/C unit dries them out. Part of the reason for planting them deeply until they root is to prevent them from drying out in the interim. The air being blown over/around them by the cooling unit will dry them out even faster, negating any benefit of the extra moisture from the evaporation it may provide. Kim

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Good tip, I will make sure to watch out for that once it's time. thank you, I really appreciate this!

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I wrapped about 12 cuttings burrito style Feb 23, I checked after 10 days and no change, I checked today and had 1 with good roots and 1 with slight roots starting. One the entire stem was already very dark brown as if it has already crashed. But to my amazement they all were covered in fuzzy mold ! Is that normal? I potted the two in hopes I will be them survive and moistened the paper and wrapped the others back up. Any suggestions? or tips.

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